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Recap of November's Exercise

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Fusion Net

The Codiac Amateur Radio Group in Moncton New Brunswick were host for the November edition of Exercise Handshake.
 This was their first time hosting the exercise and after a short lesson on Net Control duties for Handshake we split the team into two groups with a couple doing VHF and another team doing HF.

HF operations were spotty as there was very high noise level at the club and reports were coming in via VHF that many amateurs were hearing each other trying to contact Moncton but Moncton was not hearing them and most contacts Moncton did make were not very strong. They did contact all who they could hear.
 This is the reason for Handshake, to learn from your mistakes and make adjustments and be ready for the next time. They are already asking to do HF in another exercise to check out their antennas.

 VHF operations with ahead without a hitch. The links were brought up with no problems, the preamble was read and the net began. It did not slow down till 8pm when we call the net closed. There were reports that some amateurs did not get checked in and that is always a possibility with the twenty one repeaters linked up. Unless you give that 2 second delay there is always the chance your call will be missed.
We will look at possible ways to solve this including only certain repeaters to check in at different times.
 EXAMPLE: Cape Breton only, South Shore only, Valley only etc.
As with all these exercises they are to learn from and that is what we do each month with Handshake.

I want to thank the Moncton club for inviting me up to help them out with Handshake including JP VE9BK, Larry VE9ASB, Andre VE9ARG, Ross VE9GCS, Oscar VE9OSK, Gilles VE9NW and Dave VE9QED.
Look forward to working with them in the future.
The December exercise will go ahead as planned on the 26th. Net control will be Cumberland REMO. The December exercise will mark the 9th anniversary of Handshake.

A reminder without you the operators this net would not be possible.
Thank you to all who participate and Happy Holidays.

Jim Langille VE1JBL

Pictures from the new Provincial Coordination Centre in Dartmouth. Brian Barr in photos and Bob Robichaud VE1MBR were Net Control for TMR in November for Handshake. Thanks Bob for the photos.

Exercise Handshake is a radio exercise in Atlantic Canada which is held on the last Tuesday of each month beginning at 7pm AT.

The exercise began in December 2008 as an radio net for TMR (Trunked Mobile Radio) system, agencies and operators around the province of Nova Scotia. The net was established and hosted  by the WestCumb ARC in Amherst due to talks between Jim Hannon VE1AFH Cumberland REMO and Public Safety and Field Communications (PSFC).
The idea of the net was to encourage first responders to learn how to use these radios under normal conditions and also to report any problems (dead batteries etc.) to Net Control so they could let PSFC be aware of these problems. This way in a real emergency or disaster, the radios would be in working order and operators would be available to use them. 

The net grew to include testing of all modes of communications including Satellite phones and amateur radio. Amateur radio operators associated with local EMO (Emergency Measures Organization) were asked to learn the operation of TMR radios in case they were needed as radio operators in Emergency situations.
The exercise is also a great time to test backup power (batteries, generators etc.) for radios and EOC (Emergency Operations Centers) around Atlantic Canada.

Amateur radio operators associated with EMO, ARES, CANWARN & Red Cross are invited and encouraged to take part in this exercise. 

"It is better to practice learning how to use these radios and run backup power in a monthly exercise than to have then sitting on a desk and expecting them to work in a power outage, real emergency and/or disaster" 

With the new TMR2, all agencies throughout the Maritimes can now join in on the exercise and are encouraged to do so. The exercise is a great learning tool for TMR2.

Checking in to Handshake using TMR

  • Operators taking part are asked to contact Shubie radio (dispatch Shubenacadie NS) to find the Mutual aid channel for Handshake.
  • Once Shubie gives you that information find that channel on your radio. Learn the channels.
  • When Net Control ask for agencies to check in respond with your agency name only. Once they have all the agencies marked down they will then call you in by order of received. 
  • Give your name and agency you are with and any other information you want. If you have other members with you who would like to check-in inform Net Control at this time.
  • Inform Net Control if you have any problems with your radios. This will be forwarded to Public Safety and Field Communications.
  • When everyone from your location has checked in you can inform Net Control you are leaving the exercise. 
  • Once Net Control acknowledge you are leaving, return to your home channel.

Checking in to Handshake using Amateur Radio.

  • Find Exercise Handshake on the MAVCOM repeater system across Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island and IRLP Reflector 9014.
  • HF operations on 3.675Mhz.
  • Echolink is available through VE1ZX-L in Springhill NS Node 100853.
  • Packet radio contact Lorne Anderson VE1BXK. His PBBS is VE1BXK-1 and his system is connectable from VE1NET-1 LAN Node via the MARCAN Packet Network.
  • NEW: Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) net on the New Brunswick Talk Group. NCO TBA
  • NEW: Winlink contacts to NCO Dave Musgrave  [email protected]   Use WINLINK Quick Check In forms and fill in all the blanks.
  • NEW: System Fusion Net held on the VE1XK room Node 28329. NCO Hal Rodd VE1LV
  • Call in when Net Control is looking for check-ins.
  • When Net Control calls you in, give your name, QTH, repeater you are using and if you have emergency backup power.

NOTICE: Net Controllers please send reports of the net to be posted on this page.
Send reports to [email protected]

Any questions or problems please contact me at any time.

I will attempt to answer your questions ASAP or put you in touch with someone who can.

Thanks for supporting the Exercise.